How to Use this Education Portal


How to Register for Courses (webinars)

To register for Courses (webinars) you will need to login to your account and add the course to your cart.
(Even if the course is free you will still need to go through the checkout area to ensure that it is saved to Your Courses).

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How to Watch Courses You Have Registered For

Login to your account and go to ‘My Courses‘. This is where you can access all your courses instantly on an ongoing basis.

Simply click the name of the Course and this link will take you to the Course page. At the bottom of the Course page there will be one or more Lessons (videos) which you can watch by clicking the Lesson name.

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Note: Some of our videos have additional security applied to them and ask you to enter a password. You can find this password directly below the video.



How to Watch Live Webinars

You can register for a Live webinar by following the same steps as noted under “How¬†to Register for Courses (webinars)” above.

To watch it stream live at the scheduled time, simply login to your account and go to ‘My Courses‘ 15-30 minutes before the start time. You will find the Webinar Access Information placed on the Course page to attend live.

Once available, the webinar recording is then placed on this same Course Page
(which you can find on an ongoing basis under ‘My Courses‘).
Recordings may take up to 5 working days following the live webinar to be placed online.

Please note: Live Q&A and Case Study discussion is usually NOT included as part of the recording. This is an added bonus for those that are able to attend live only.



How to Access Your Certificate of Attendance

Get instant access to your Certificate of Attendance¬†(which can be printed or downloaded) by clicking ‘Complete Lesson’ below the video.

You can then click the link at the bottom of the page ‘Back to Course’. You will then see the¬†‘View Certificate’ button at the top of this page.

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Tip: If the Course has more than one Lesson, you must complete ALL lessons to gain access to your Certificate.


How To Access Your Certificate of Attendance at a Later Date

Once you have completed a course, you can access these by going to your¬†‘My Courses‘ section then clicking ¬†‘Completed Courses‘.

As long as you have completed all the Lessons within the course you will be able to view/print/download your Certificate of Attendance.

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