CPE Points

Frequently Asked Questions


How many CPE points is each course worth?

The amount of CPE points per Course is determined by your association. While RN Labs cannotĀ stateĀ the specific amount of CPE points that will be grantedĀ by your association for each course,Ā the general rule of thumb is 1 CPE point for each hour of educational time. All our courses state the Course length in the course description and also on your resulting Certificate of Attendance.


WhatĀ if the Course length is not rounded to the nearest hour? (e.g. 2.5 hours?)

You will need to check this with your association.


Does the Q&A time count toward CPE Points?

You will need to check this with your association. For clarity, RN Labs always state theĀ webinar time and Q&A time separately. (e.g. “2 hours webinar plus 1/2 hour Q&A”)


How do I receive my Certificate of Attendance?

Your certificate of attendance is automatically generated once you click ‘Complete Lesson’. For courses that have multiple lessons, you will need to complete all lessons before your certificate is generated. You can then find your certificate underĀ ‘My Courses’ > ‘Completed Courses’ section of this website.

Note:Ā Some of our Courses also require you to complete and pass a short questionnaire at the end in order for you to gain access to your Certificate of Attendance.