TruDiagnostic – Introduction To Epigenetic Methylation Biomarker


In this 45-minute presentation, Ryan Smith introduces the epigenetic methylation biomarker and why this new biomarker will change the way we age and every other area of medicine.

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Ageing is the number one risk factor for all chronic disease and death. For years, scientists have tried to find a way to quantify the ageing process so they can effectively find ways to slow ageing. Due to breakthroughs with the new Epigenetic biomarker of DNA methylation, this is now possible. Recent research has described highly predictive and accurate algorithms to quantify Biological age, the instantaneous rate of ageing, Immune age, and more by just analysing this biomarker. In this recorded lecture, Ryan talks about the implication of this biomarker and how to best use it to reduce the biggest risk factors in your patients.

What is Covered:

  • Learn about epigenetic methylation, how it is informing us on how to slow ageing, and the other robust implications it will have across medicine.

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Presenter: Ryan Smith
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