Different Analysis Testing for Mould and Mycotoxins


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60 mins, plus Q & A.

In this 60 minute presentation plus 15 minutes Q&A, Lindsay Goddard delve into moulds and mycotoxins, exploring how they spread and affect our health.

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Spores play a crucial role in the survival and reproduction of moulds, and Lindsay explains why most moulds produce them so easily. Lindsay also explains how mycotoxins are toxic compounds primarily produced by moulds to outcompete other organisms.

She unravels the immune responses triggered by mould proteins, understanding the differences between IgGs and IgEs and how they can cause delayed reactions and rapid allergies, respectively and how by combining mycotoxin and immunoglobulin testing, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of immune reactions to spores and mould produced toxins. To aid in assessing mould exposure and potential health impacts, she delves into mycotoxin testing and the high specificity of LC/MS technology. Join RN Labs and Mosaic for an enlightening session that sheds light on mould-related health concerns and their diagnostic approaches.


Learning outcomes:

  1. How Moulds produce spores for their reproduction and survival, making them easily dispersed through the air.
  2. Why Mycotoxins, highly toxic compounds, are not consistently produced by all moulds but serve as a means of competition with other organisms.
  3. What testing Methodologies are utilised for Mycotoxins and Mould: including why ELISA testing is not used and why LC/MS technology is used. Lindsay will cover half life and accuracy.
  4. How IgEs testing provides insight into histamine responses to specific moulds, including seemingly benign ones like Cladosporium.
  5. How combining mycotoxin and immunoglobulin testing offers a comprehensive view of immune reactions to consistently produced spores and mould-produced toxins, aiding in understanding their influence on health.

This webinar is 60 mins, plus Q & A.


Presenter: Lindsay Goddard
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