Food Sensitivities, Inflammation, & Intestinal Permeability


In this 45-minute webinar recording, Dr. Brent Dorval explains how Immune Complexes and Inflammation can be associated with foods, and potentially be an underlying problem for many health conditions.


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Hear directly from the founder of KBMO Diagnostics on what makes the KBMO Food Inflammation Test (FIT) different from other tests. Learn the importance of measuring Complement (c3d) alongside IgG, to directly understand what foods are causing inflammation in the body.

Dr Dorval also covers Next Gen Zonulin from KBMO and other new technologies that are being developed by Dr Dorval and his team in the field of food sensitivity testing.


  • Overview of Food sensitivities
  • KBMO Diagnostics
  • Clinical Data
  • New Products

Length: 45 min
Presenter: Dr Brent Dorval
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