Andrea Gruszecki

Andrea Gruszecki received her Doctorate in Naturopathy from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has worked in conventional medical settings as a radiologic technologist and Army medic, and spent 13 years in private practice. Through her patients, Dr Gruszecki learned how stress responses created obstacles to health. Dr. Gruszecki serves as a consultant for the Scientific Support Department of Doctor’s Data, writing, researching and presenting interpretations and information on a variety of health-related subjects.

Courses by Andrea Gruszecki

Assess and Manage Neuroinflammation

Assess and Manage Neuroinflammation is a 40 minute webinar presented by Andrea Gruszecki, ND. It covers how to assess and manage neuroinflammation to optimise cognitive function. In addition, a 20 minute recording of Q&A on Neurotransmitter testing with Warren Maginn, BHSc. Nutr. Med. GradCert. Hum. Nutr. is supplied.