Zonulin Addition to the KBMO FIT 132 & 176 Tests


This 20 minute webinar by Dr. Brent Dorval, creator of the FIT test, will help practitioners understand why to choose certain markers and technologies for the most accurate zonulin test results.

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Testing is only as accurate as the markers measured and technology used. Incorrect markers, or incorrect measurements of these markers can lead to errors. This webinar uncovers some of the most recent developments in zonulin testing, to enable the most accurate test results available today. Created with input from Dr Faasano (the founder of the Zonulin protein), learn how KBMO’s Zonulin protein offers the most accurate insight into the levels of Zonulin in the body.


  • Why measuring the antibodies created to Zonulin (the KBMO method) offers more accuracy of the true levels of Zonulin vs measuring the Zonulin protein (done by most tests).
  • How KBMO’s technology ensures that only Zonulin is measured without the background noise from other proteins, a common issue with Zonulin testing.
  • Discover why this new form of Zonulin testing allows accuracy, despite Zonulin levels rising and falling throughout the day.
  • Find out about KBMO’s FIT test – a comprehensive food reactivity test that combines markers for IgG (body’s reactivity to food), C3d (a marker that highlights if an IgG is creating inflammation), and Zonulin (to understand if intestinal permeability is occurring).
  • Gain an overview of innate vs acquired immunity and how they relate to food reactivity.

Presenter: Dr. Brent Dorval
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