Uncovering The Hidden (Metabolic) Factors of Weight Loss / Management


Ever wondered what hidden factors might be confounding your best efforts (as an individual and as a practitioner) to reduce excess body weight and all its associated health risk factors?

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(Presented 2014)

Detecting The Ghosts In The Machine: From Viral Infections to Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

This webinar explores:

  • The health implications
  • The inseparable inter-connections
  • And most importantly, the practical clinical tools that are available for identifying each of the primary stumbling blocks that often hold us back in addressing stubborn and persistent weight management issues

What will be covered:

  • Many of the (lesser appreciated) factors affecting metabolic utilisation of energy
  • Hormonal influences, Cellular influences, Toxic influences and Genetic influences
  • How to prioritise and address any imbalances uncovered
  • How to assess these clinically through a review of current functional metabolic testing options
  • Real world Case Studies & Discussion
  • How to demonstrate the broad impact positive changes can have on long term health outcomes

Duration: 2 hours + 15min Q&A time (135 minutes total)
Presenter: Warren Maginn
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