The Dangers of Glyphosate


In this 1 hour webinar Dr William Shaw, PhD, discusses the dangers of the commonly used herbicide Glyphosate with investigative journalist Carey Gillam.

(Presented 2017)

Dr. William Shaw Discusses the Dangers of Glyphosate with Author and Investigative Journalist Carey Gillam

Glyphosate is the world’s most widely produced herbicide and is the primary toxic chemical in Roundup™, as well as in many other herbicides. In addition, it is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is used in more than 700 different products from agriculture and forestry to home use.

Exposure to glyphosate has been linked to autism, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, cancer, depression, fatigue, gluten sensitivity, inflammation, and Parkinson’s.

The Glyphosate Test can be added to the GPL-Tox Test for a comprehensive insight into environmental pollutants.


Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Dr William Shaw, PhD
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