Practical Compounding 102


In this 90 minute webinar recording, Warren Maginn demonstrates how to optimally practice nutritional compounding in clinical practice.

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(Presented 2022)

A Practical Demonstration For Building Clarity and Confidence

This presentation is intended to increase confidence, boost efficiency, and ultimately help make the full power of compounding an accessible reality within every practitioner’s daily practice. It takes you through how to optimally carry out each of the physical steps involved in incorporating nutritional compounding into everyday clinical practice (with extra background explanations, tips, tricks and live demonstrations – to help achieve maximum efficiency, efficacy and compliance).

What’s covered:

A review of recommended tools and equipment to help prepare practitioners for successful clinical compounding, as well as an exploration of key concepts, tips, and tricks, followed by practical demonstrations of key methods and techniques required to optimise the process.


  • Getting Ready to Compound
  • Knowing the Process
  • Tips and Tricks to Optimise
  • Integrating Into Business
  • Securing Legal Protections

Warren Maginn in a light blue shirt


Warren is a Clinical Nutritionist and Educator specialising in Nutritional Compounding and Functional Lab Testing.

Warren is passionate about taking a personalised approach to patient care, and supporting fellow healthcare practitioners, as well as the general public, to gain greater wellbeing, and more personal potential, through the principles of evidence-based Functional Nutrition.


Length: 90 minutes
Presenter: Warren Maginn
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
Notes: PDF notes are not available
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