Nuzest Introduction


In this 45 minute presentation, Nuzest formulators Robert Verkerk (Scientist) and Meleni Aldridge (Nutritionist) describe the Nuzest range formulations and how they have achieved the best quality products, without compromise.

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(Presented 2016)

Watch this Nuzest Training from the Experts!

In this presentation, hear the Nuzest formulators, Robert Verkerk (Scientist) and Meleni Aldridge (Nutritionist) take you on a detailed journey on how the Nuzest range is formulated and how they have achieved the best quality products, without compromise.

What is covered:

  • Meet the¬†Formulators
  • Technical Overview
  • Using Science to Fill Nutritional Gaps
  • Evolution of Food Supplementation
  • Product Overview: Good Green Stuff
  • Product Overview: Clean Lean Protein
  • Product Overview: Kids Good Stuff
  • Patient Resources


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