Nutritional Support for Immune Health


In this 12-minute visual presentation, we cover evidence-based nutrients that support optimal immunity and their mechanisms of action in the body.

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Now more than ever, it is critical for your patients to protect themselves and their health using evidence-based and proven immune nutrients.

In this mini 4-part presentation, we take you through evidence-based nutrients that support immunity, as well as an overview of what makes RN Labs products different, and how to customise your treatment for specific health requirements.

  • Part One: Introduction to RN Labs (2 mins)
        Why RN Labs and what is Full Label Transparency?
  • Part Two: Immune Products for Base Support (5 mins)
        Products to support a healthy immune system
  • Part Three: Immune Products for Targeted Support (4 mins)
        Products that can promote natural healing during the active stages of infection
  • Part Four: Compounding (1 min)
        How to customise treatment for your patient’s unique needs


Length: 12 min
Presenter: RN Labs
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