Mould And Mycotoxin Testing For The Body And Home


In this 45 minute webinar, Dr. Jasmyne Brown ND covers the impact of mould toxins and how to reduce exposure of mycotoxins in the environment.

This webinar offers a comprehensive overview of the impact of mould toxicity and the importance of testing both the body and the home for mould toxins. An understanding of the Organic Acids Test as it relates to mould toxicity is also covered, alongside various methods to eliminate mould toxins in the environment.

  • Overview of moulds and mycotoxins tested in the MYCOTOX profile
  • Learn how Organic Acids Testing (OAT) can help identify the type and level of mould exposure
  • Overview of DIY mould testing for the home

Length: 45 min
Presenter: Dr Jasmyne Brown
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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