How to Optimise Your Patients’ GIT Wellness


In this FREE 45 minute webinar plus Q&A recording, hear the latest research and learn practical clinical insights on how to optimise your patients’ gastrointestinal wellness from presenter Adam Rigby.

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We all learn our Anatomy, Physiology and Nutritional Biochemistry in College, but our knowledge base can get a bit rusty over time! We also know that a good understanding of these topics is critical in working through a myriad of complex symptoms that our patients present. This webinar is meant to serve not only as a refresher, but also update you on the latest clinical research in our ever-evolving field. You will gain an invaluable deep dive into GIT wellness, and in just 45 minutes you will be able to immediately use the insights gained within your practice.


  • An overview of the biochemistry of digestion and absorption in the GI tract
  • Clinical approaches to diet and lifestyle interventions to improve GI function
  • A deep dive into micronutrients that can aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and nutrients that encourage gut protection and repair

Length: 45 min
Presenter: Adam Rigby
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
Notes:  Downloadable PDF notes are available for this course.
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