GI Mini Keynotes


In this 3-part series, totaling 2.5 hours, clinicians Dr. Julia Malkowski, Deborah Smart, and Nicole Smit discuss the GI360 Stool Profile, alongside case studies and treatment options.

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This series focuses on increasing the understanding of the Gut Microbiome utilising functional testing, with a focus on case studies to give you different perspectives on the diagnosis and treatment of GI and Microbiome issues.

In these three presentations, including recorded Q&A, our three presenters will discuss the GI360 Stool Profile, alongside case studies and treatment options, and the various ways it has been able to support a number of clients.


Session 1: GI360: Extensive Assessment of the GI Microbiome

Presented by Dr. Julia Malkowski

In this session attendees will learn how the GI360 stool profile utilises a complementary approach to provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s microbiota with actionable data to better inform practitioner treatment strategies.

Dr. Malkowski explains the pros and cons of the complementary methodologies employed in the GI360. Dr. Malkowski provides a beneficial overview of each section of the report, beginning with analysis of microbiome abundance and diversity and the novel Dysbiosis Index, and GI pathogens by PCR, then moving into parasites by microscopy, pathogenic bacteria and yeast, as well as direct susceptibility testing and stool chemistries. Dr. Malkowski also discusses a few interesting case studies to apply the GI360 in clinical practice. The presentation is followed by a recorded Q&A session.


Session 2: GI Case Studies Utilising the GI360

Presented by Deborah Smart

In this session Deborah dives in to a variety of patient case studies. See first-hand accounts of how the GI360 test can provide clinically actionable results in clinical situations. Discover how evidence-based DNA mapping technology coupled with growth-based culture and ID by MALDI-TOF, sensitive biochemical assays and microscopy, can detect and assess the status of pathogens, viruses, parasites and bacteria that may be contributing to acute or
chronic gastrointestinal symptoms and disease. Discover effective treatment options straight from Deborah Smart’s GI tool kit. The presentation is followed by a recorded Q&A session.


Session 3: Case Studies and Treatment Options for GI Issues

Presented by Nicole Smit

In this session, learn about helpful ingredients for treating clinical GIT applications. Nicole highlights some favourite products and compounding ingredients that can support gut healing, restoration, and balance. She discusses how to use these products in various GI applications, using patient case study examples. Nicole’s aim for this presentation is to revitalise your knowledge of some GI treatment tools, and optimise your patient’s overall health and wellbeing through improved gut health and function. The presentation is followed by a recorded Q&A session.


Presenters: Dr Julia Malkowski, Deborah Smart, Nicole Smit
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