Connecting Specific Markers Amongst The OAT, MycoTOX, And GPL-TOX Profiles


This 52 minute webinar, by Dr. Kurt Woeller, will help connect some of the more common findings seen in practice when evaluating the Organic Acids Test, MycoTOX and GPL-TOX.

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) contains multiple markers which may be influenced by environmental and mould toxins. Often the combination of the OAT, MycoTOX Profile (mould toxins), and GPL-TOX Profile (environmental chemical toxins) can be used to help identify exposure sources and biochemical imbalances in individuals with chronic health conditions.


  • An overview of the Organic Acids Test, MycoTOX Profile and GPL-TOX
  • Explore the specific markers found in the OAT, MycoTOX Profile and GPL-TOX
  • Connecting the dots between the OAT, MycoTOX Profile, and GPL-TOX markers
  • A real-life case study

Presenter: Kurt N. Woeller, DO
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
Notes:  Downloadable PDF notes are not available for this course.
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