Neurotransmitter Testing


Assess and Manage Neuroinflammation is a 40 minute webinar presented by Andrea Gruszecki, ND. It covers how to assess and manage neuroinflammation to optimise cognitive function. In addition, a 20 minute recording of Q&A on Neurotransmitter testing with Warren Maginn, BHSc. Nutr. Med. GradCert. Hum. Nutr. is supplied.

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Presented 2016

The assessment and correction of nutritional deficiencies in patients is essential to patient management, however not the only assessment that needs to be addressed.

Urinary neuro-biogenic amines (Neurotransmitter testing) provide insight into a patient’s overall ability to synthesise and metabolise neurotransmitters. In this short webinar, Andrea Gruszecki ND, Client Consultant in the Scientific Support Department of Doctor’s Data, presents how the Neuro-Biogenic Amine Profile can help identify alterations in urinary neurotransmitter status which may be associated with a variety of conditions from metabolic to behavioral disorders.

What is covered:

  • Review the evaluation of biogenic amine & neurotransmitter metabolism and the effects of dysfunction in synthesis or metabolism
  • Review how toxic exposure,inheritance, and nutrition may affect enzyme functions and neurotransmission
  • Review strategies for nutritional support of neurotransmitter synthesis and metabolism, as outlined in scientific literature
  • Review strategies to diminish oxidative stress and neuroinflammation

Plus, a 20 minute recording of Q&A with Warren Maginn has been included as a follow on from this webinar.

Length: 40 minutes, plus 20 minutes of Q&A (60 minutes total)
Presenter: Andrea Guszecki
Q&A: Warren Maginn
Terms: This course is subject to future edits and alterations.
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