The Facts About Vitamin A

A Webinar For Those Seeking Answers

Hear from clinical practitioner Warren Maginn in this in-depth review of the importance and nature of the many compounds we call ‘Vitamin A’. Revealing some lesser known truths about their complexity, and their implications for health in the modern world.



  1. What Exactly is Vitamin A? – Why It’s So Much More Than We Are Often Told
  2. How To Get It? – Learn The Hidden Factors You Need To Know
  3. Is It Safe? –Learn More About The Truth of Vitamin A Safety
  4. What About In Pregnancy? – Yes That Too
  5. What Must Go With It? – Some Things Were Meant To Be Together
  6. QnA – Listen to the recorded QnA session with Warren


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Warren Maginn

BHSc. Nutr. Med. GradCert. Hum. Nutr. —Practitioner and Educator Warren Maginn is a Clinical Nutritionist, College Lecturer and Public Educator specialising in the optimisation of health through the principles of Functional Medicine and a highly individualised approach to personal care. As a contributing National Association member and Scientific Advisor to practitioner resource companies, Warren is passionate about assisting practitioners and students to gain greater technical insights from laboratory testing and how to apply this knowledge in clinical practice.