Testing Hormone Metabolites and Neurotransmitters: Considerations for Comprehensive Patient Support

Patients are complex. Similar symptoms can be the result of many different, and individualised, neurotransmitter and hormone imbalances. Mental health challenges are not isolated in the brain alone. There are many factors affecting our mental wellbeing, and by assessing neurotransmitters and reproductive and adrenal hormones, we can get a more well-rounded understanding of how nutrition, digestion, inflammation, stress, metabolism, and methylation may be contributing to the symptom picture. Proper testing can be utilised to determine which therapeutics may be considered appropriate.


Learning objectives:

  1. Review enzyme activity and connections with hormone metabolism and neurotransmission
  2. Assess how influences on the HPA axis including chronic stress and inflammation can impact mood, sleep, cognition, weight, and more
  3. Identify scenarios where considering neurotransmitter testing in conjunction with hormone metabolite testing would be appropriate, utilising the Doctor’s Data HuMap™ Plus Neurotransmitters profile.
  4. Introduce treatment options based on specific patient imbalances


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Lylen Ferris, ND

Lylen Ferris is a licensed Naturopathic Physician living in Portland, OR. In addition to maintaining her private practice, Dr. Ferris is the Senior Staff Physician at Doctor's Data where she has reviewed, interpreted, and advised on tens of thousands of salivary hormone panels and neurotransmitter reports. Prior to joining Doctor's Data as a staff physician, she completed a residency in advanced women's health and gynecology at the National College of Natural Medicine where she oversaw patient care and as well as taught gynecology and clinical education classes. Her extensive knowledge of women's health and endocrinology coupled with her love of teaching has led her to develop a curriculum and present at numerous integrative and alternative health conferences.