Organic Acid Testing: A clinicians perspective

What is Covered:

  • A run through all the markers and what they mean
  • Easy places to start if you’ve never run an OAT before
  • Dividing the OAT into sections for easy clinical interpretation and relevance
  • Case Study to bring it all together
  • Opportunity to go down the OAT rabbit hole and learn more about the biochemistry involved and connections to other pathways
Course By

Elizma Lambert

Elizma is both a qualified naturopath and homeopath with close to 15 years experience. Her special interests lie in nutrigenomics and mitochondrial dysfunction but she always takes a generalist approach in her clinical practice and teaching. Being mentored by well-respected practitioners over the years has contributed to a deeper understanding of the complexities of chronic disease. She hopes to impart some of that knowledge and understanding to other practitioners struggling with difficult cases. Elizma is becoming well known for her ability to ‘connect-the-dots’ between root cause, symptoms, and genetics, and helping people reach a better understanding of their health conditions. She has been interviewed for podcasts by well-respected practitioners and looks forward to engaging more with audiences in this fashion. In future Elizma intends to participate more in research studies and collaborate with companies and other individuals in the health industry who share her passion for learning and independent research.