OAT Basics and Biochemistry

In this webinar, practitioners will gain an overview of biochemistry and will also receive comprehensive insights into the Organic Acids Test. Examples of common test results will be covered and a range of common questions and answers from practitioners will be answered. This webinar is specifically designed for practitioners wanting to understand the science and methodology behind the OATS test.


  • Review of Biochemistry
  • Overview and detailed insights into the Organic Acids Test
  • Range of Latest QnAs

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Jessica Bonovich

Jessica Bonovich (RN, BSN, Nurse Consultant) has worked with The Great Plains Laboratory for close to 10 years. In addition to her nursing degree, she has multiple certifications ranging from biochemistry to pain management. Her intention is to guide patients and practitioners through test results in a succinct and thoughtful manner. During her consultations, she will incorporate all available research with a practical application of the known biochemical pathways to interpret results. She wants patients and practitioners alike to feel empowered with the knowledge required to achieve their goals. She considers it a privilege to be part of the journey.