Nuzest Introduction

Watch this Nuzest Training from the Experts!

In this presentation, hear the Nuzest formulators, Robert Verkerk (Scientist) and Meleni Aldridge (Nutritionist) take you on a detailed journey on how the Nuzest range is formulated and how they have achieved the best quality products, without compromise.

What is covered:

  • Meet the Formulators
  • Technical Overview
  • Using Science to Fill Nutritional Gaps
  • Evolution of Food Supplementation
  • Product Overview: Good Green Stuff
  • Product Overview: Clean Lean Protein
  • Product Overview: Kids Good Stuff
  • Patient Resources


Further Resources

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Course By

Melanie Aldridge

BSc Nut Med Dip cPNI Cert LTFHE mKPNI mBANT | Director ANH Meleni Aldridge (BSc Nut Med Dip cPNI Cert LTFHE mKPNI mBANT) has been a practitioner in the field of complementary and integrative medicine for 25 years. For 11 years she lectured at St Mary’s University College, Middlesex on the Sport Rehabilitation programme. In July 2005, she joined the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH- Intl). In her role as executive coordinator, she works closely with Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive and Scientific Director, shaping the scientific and regulatory environment required to facilitate the future development of natural and sustainable healthcare. During the last eight years Meleni has been instrumental in furthering ANH- Intl’s communications with the global integrative medicine community, as well as industry stakeholders. She has been actively involved in consultations with the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority, the US Food and Drug Administration, the UK Food Standards Agency, as well as the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organisation of the United Nations. She also regularly contributes to articles, columns and press releases in the field of sustainable healthcare and regulatory challenges.