Lunch & Learn: HLA Risk

Course By

Helen Gautschi

Helen Gautschi is a registered dietician (SA) and holds a Bachelor of Science Dietetics (Honours) degree. Helen has a special interest in personalised healthcare and nutrition, especially, the field of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, and believes this to be a key area for management of health and wellbeing. Since joining DNAlysis, a genetic testing laboratory, over eight years ago, Helen has keenly been growing her knowledge in the eld of personalised healthcare and nutrition, and understanding the practical applications of genetic tests in the healthcare environment. She has given numerous lectures, both local and internationally, on the subject of nutrigenetics and personalised medicine in practice. Her role as educator and researcher, allows her to pass on genomics knowledge to like-minded healthcare practitioners.


Lunch & Learn: HLA Risk

Length: 60 minutes

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system fails to distinguish self from non-self, resulting in a breach of tolerance. In this 60-minute webinar, learn what gene variants might contribute toward certain autoimmune conditions and provide ‘diagnostic insight’ for patients suffering from autoimmune disease.