How to Optimise Your Patients’ GIT Wellness


We all learn our Anatomy, Physiology and Nutritional Biochemistry in College, but our knowledge base can get a bit rusty over time! We also know that a good understanding of these topics is critical in working through a myriad of complex symptoms that our patients present. This webinar is meant to serve not only as a refresher, but also update you on the latest clinical research in our ever-evolving field. You will gain an invaluable deep dive into GIT wellness, and in just 45 minutes you will be able to immediately use the insights gained within your practice.



  • An overview of the biochemistry of digestion and absorption in the GI tract
    Including the enzymes and secretions involved in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and potential biochemical causes of digestive disorders.
  • Clinical approaches to diet and lifestyle interventions to improve GI function
    Including an assessment of foods and lifestyle interventions that create an alkaline, acid and neutral environments in the GI tract and how to encourage complete digestion.
  • A deep dive into micronutrients that can aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and nutrients that encourage gut protection and repair


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Course By

Adam Rigby

Adam began his working life as a Chef, then developed a passion for Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry. After graduating from Endeavour College, he set up his own Clinical Nutrition practice, specialising in digestion and working extensively with individualised diets. He spent time as a lecturer at Endeavour College lecturing in Advanced Nutrition and Dietary Planning and Tutoring Naturopathic and Nutritional Clinical students. He has worked extensively with sports supplements and run lectures in Sports Nutrition to practitioners and athletes. Adam has a unique approach to presenting and simplifies the complexity of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. His down-to-earth style and deep knowledge of the content he is presenting helps those who listen to him walk away with practical tools that can be used straight away in clinic. He believes that digestion is the key to wellness and by understanding the root cause of disease you can help people reach their wellness potential.