Enterosgel Online Training

Find out how this research-backed binder can be a game-changer for your clients.

In this short, 5-minute course, learn more about the uses of Enterosgel and how it can benefit your patients.


Enterosgel has become a staple product in first-aid kits around the globe. It has helped countless individuals who suffer from IBS, food intolerances, stomach upset, nausea, and overburden.

It can be used as a safe binder for detox uses and is supported by a wide body of research.

  • A mineral-based detoxifier gel
  • Removes unwanted toxins from the body
  • Reduces bloating
  • Eases symptoms from gastrointestinal upset
  • Completely safe and effective – can be taken by children and during pregnancy
  • Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free

The perfect addition to your practice tool kit!

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RN Labs

RN Labs work with healthcare practitioners to bring their patients personalised care that’s unique to them, by supplying products & tests of the highest level of purity, quality and innovation. We believe education is the key to improving healthcare for everyone, and are passionate leaders in bringing healthcare practitioners valid and accurate education and training, across all aspects of natural health and individualised care. We are relentlessly curious about how we can improve on the status-quo, and tirelessly search for the best - because nothing else will do when it comes to health. What drives us is trust. We understand there is nothing more important than one’s health and we are driven to uphold the trust that practitioners and their patients place in us. What drives us is helping all Australians achieve their own version of optimal health, so they can keep doing the things they love.


Enterosgel Overview

Length: 1 minutes

In this 1 minute video, learn about the uses of Enterosgel and answer 4 quick questions.

Enterosgel For GI Symptoms

Length: 1 minutes

In this 1 minute video, learn about how Enterosgel can ease GI symptoms and answer 4 quick questions.