Clinical Answers To The Autoimmune Epidemic

Start delving deeper and peeling back the layers…

Ever been confused by the nature of Autoimmunity? Ever had complex, resistant and persistent immunological cases in clinical practice? Ever been paralysed as to where to head next with your clinical treatments? Ever wished you had more to offer those seeking answers?

What will be discussed:

  • Some of the key drivers of Autoimmunity
  • What has changed in the past few years?
  • Which clinical assessments provide some of the most valuable insights into the key factors
  • What opportunities each insight presents for improved clinical treatments and outcomes
  • What the broad implications of these developments are to personal health and also society (going forward)
Course By

Warren Maginn

BHSc. Nutr. Med. GradCert. Hum. Nutr. —Practitioner and Educator Warren Maginn is a Clinical Nutritionist, College Lecturer and Public Educator specialising in the optimisation of health through the principles of Functional Medicine and a highly individualised approach to personal care. As a contributing National Association member and Scientific Advisor to practitioner resource companies, Warren is passionate about assisting practitioners and students to gain greater technical insights from laboratory testing and how to apply this knowledge in clinical practice.