Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurvedic Herbology and Pharmacology, these Ancient Indian Systems utilise natural herbs and substances to promote health and well-being.

This webinar series will help to gain an understanding and offer tools to integrate Ayurvedic Herbology into developing basic treatment plans to balance the doshas and promote health.

Part 1:

Dr Ajit breaks down key aspects of Ayurvedic Herbs and how they work, delving into the principles of Ayurvedic Herbology and Pharmacology. He defines the foundations of the Three Dosha and Biological Humours and why these are important. Dr Ajit outlines the important aspects of Ayurvedic supplements, highlighting what key ingredients and dosages you should be utilising. Dr Ajit finishes by answering any questions you may have regarding the use and application of Ayurvedic herbs.


1. Benefit from Dr Ajit’s years of experience and develop a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic Principles as well as Ayurvedic Herbology and Pharmacology.

2. Gain insight into the principles of the Three Doshas and Biological Humours and how they relate to symptom presentation.

3. Learn how you can use Ayurvedic herbs and apply these holistic principles for better client outcomes.

Part 2:

Dr Ajit runs through three case studies and treatment plans using Ayurvedic herbs and principles. Learn how these Ayurvedic herbs can be utilised for practical application, achieving improved results and better client outcomes by targeting the root cause of illness.


1. Learn how to use Ayurvedic herbs and apply these holistic principles with your clients.

2. Gain confidence in the use of Ayurvedic herbs and their synergistic uses.

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Dr S Ajit

Dr Ajit Graduated as an Ayurvedic Charya from the Government Ayurvedic College Patiala (GAC Patiala) Punjabi University. He is a leader in the field of Ayurveda and a Panchakarma specialist, clinician and has also worked as an Ayurvedic pharmacy inspector in order to uphold and promote the Ayurvedic science in its traditional state. Dr Ajit is known for his passion towards Ayurveda and highly respected by his clients for his in-depth logical Ayurvedic interpretation and his ability to correlate Ayurvedic Principles with Western Medicine. In addition to all this Dr. Ajit, is working hard to uphold the traditional Ayurvedic Science in its original form and working towards creating high standards of education and practice of Ayurveda in the western world. He is the founding patron of Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (Australia & New Zealand) and the President of the International Council of Ayurvedic Medicine (the body outside India for creating uniform standards of Ayurveda in the West).